I'm probably won't stick with it cuz of the lazyness but i got time now so there...


Stairways to Nowhere!

Was walking down the street
To which i had a point
Just cruising with this girl
suddenly a door

Walking down this weird street
This door you like to kick
Through which we both have seen
Some stairs going nowhere

This staircase is made of steel
Climb it and than you'll feel
It's big, and colored green
But it got some sex appeal

Got me on the train
The stairs not long forsaken
That chick got on her bus
Damn, that girl got ass

Getting down at my station
Remembering the stairway
No longer will i left alone
Walking my way home

This staircase is made of steel
Climb it and than you'll feel
It's big, and colored green
But it got some sex appeal

It was night, and it was dark
A street without no traffic light
This place we've both shared
Memory forever lives in our heart
Stairways to Nowhere

moo ooh moo
boo oho ooh
yeeeaaa nigga

Stairways to Nowhere
Yes, stairways to Nowhere
the place we share


The Rule Of Sy

So everyone got his rules and beliefs.
It's not that I'm saying they you're wrong or that those things isn't the right way to act.
All that I'm saying is that i got only one rule. It's not the solution for everything.
But i think it's the only thing you really need. Everything else just do as you go.

The rule:
Never turn back.

Lets say that you left home and you know you forgot something. I say you can do without it.
Just forget it till you get back, but don't turn back and go get it.
You can't look back at what was, always move forward.

There's a reason why you did what you did. Don't turn back to fix it.
Next time you can mend it, but not this time.
Everything can be solved, only in the future.

Try it. What do you go to lose.


Back in the days:

It all started when i was a little kid sitting at home watching TV.
All of a sudden a knock on the door. I got up to open (in the middle of The Transformers, DAMN). what else could i do?
So i opened the door and there where this 2 guys there with white straitjackets.
They asked me if i want to come with them to have some fun. I looked at the TV but my show was over, so i said yes (had nothing better to do).
They took me to this place with many rooms and they show me room #17.
I got in.
That's when they said i could play as long as i wanted in the room and once i got tired i should knock the secret code and they would let me out.
The walls were upholstered so i started yelling: "Woo oho!!", and jumped around.
After some time (i don't know how) i had enough and wanted to go home.
That's when i realized that they never gave me the secret knock. DAMN THEM!
I tried some knocks and it didn't help.
I started shouting: "Let me out! It's all a mistake!", but still nothing.
That's when i resolved to crying... and how i cried... rivers of tears.
But once again - nothing.
After a while... I think a few years later... after I had tried lots of knocking types...
I got it.
They opened the door and sent me back home.
YEA - I won, you lose.
>I got back home and turned on the TV.
Everything changed.
No more transformers... no more than stupid 2 channels.
There was lots of stuff to see and the most amazing thing:
I could see ppl singing on the telie.
So i listened to some great songs and then this band came on...they were evil
with their "Song 2"
They copycatted me from the time I was in room 17
The jumping on the wall
The woo oho-ing
They were going to pay for it!!
So i sued them
I lost...
Having left nothing but the memories
this was a lesson for me... never trust ppl with straitjackets, they will never do you good... never!
But what can we do?


Sickness as the new Diet

Forget about pills and stuff like that. Forget about eating only some things and not others.
You don't need to start exercising. You don't have too eat less or right.

The new and improved way to lose weight is:
Get Sick!

That's it. Very simple, most effective. Some even say bulletproof.

Well there are down sides to that, but in the overall it's much better than all of those diets out there. You get up in the morning, sick, and you got all the day for yourself.
No work. No people. No food.
Just sitting home doing what ever you want.
You can watch TV all day. Surf the internet for your amusement. Talk on the phone with anyone.

Just make sure you're sick enough not to eat, but able to do other stuff.
This will give you more options like travel. Visiting friends you haven't seen in months. Or hang with those you saw couple of days ago, but want to see them more.

It won't be long till you see results. On the second or third day you will see that you lost weigh.

So why make yourself start counting calories or thinking about what pill when?
The most humane thing to do is get sick.

Give it a try, what do you got to lose. :D