I'm probably won't stick with it cuz of the lazyness but i got time now so there...


When Lazy Stricks

You get bored alot?
You don't know what to do with yourself?
Have trouble sleeping at nights?
TV isn't as fun as it used to?

Well... you're not lazy and it won't work for you.
But you can give it a go, if you feel like it.

Lazy don't just come when you feel like being lazy. True lazy is a way of life.
If you know you can't/won't cope it, you won't. Don't even try to.
The Lazyness will eat you, it will make you suffer.
This isn't what lazyness stands for. Just don't be lazy, it's not for you.

Now that this is over... more rules:
Stupid lazy - it's hard but i means you're really lazy. You know you'll pay for being lazy but still.
Don't think about what you can do, know what others can do for you.
Knowing is everything - use it (as long as you don't use power to do so).
Reading is fundamental, but TV is just fun (and better).

Those are just a few things on the path toward the longed lazy.
You don't just wanna be a lazy-ass, you need to redefine it.

Lazy will be back at the home near you


So the lazyness begins

Part 2

Being lazy isn't just something everyone can handle. It's hard. Very.
Most people thing they are lazy or can become one. But in fact most of them are semi lazy or are lazy for up to a week.
You are not, you know why? Cuz you waste your energy to read this.
Still this will help you with being more lazy, even if it will be only for a day or so.

So now some more rules:
postpone for tomorrow what you can postpone for next month.
Why doing stuff if you can do nothing? You know it.
You might thing zapping channels is lazy, it's not. Just lay down in front of the TV and watch what ever is on. That's it.

Sitting in bed is ok. Laying in bed is better.
So room service is much needed thing. Can't really be lazy without it.
You need somebody else to be not lazy for you, and do the thing you need to do to live. Like making you food, clean the house, wash the laundry and other stuff.

This isn't the end.....


So you think you're lazy, eh?

The Guide to become even more lazy:

Lets start with the test - when you sit down do you groan?
If the answer is yes, you're almost lazy or too old.
To become real lazy you can't waste energy on groaning, in fact you only can sigh and even that without making any sounds. pure anergy.
If the answer is no, this will be too much for you.

Guess you're not as lazy as you want to be. Word of advice, once you become really lazy there's not going back.
Well the first rule to become lazy is: don't write a blog (yes, the irony). Explanations need not come... but if you don't know, it's lots of work and thinking (two things lazy poeple are against).

To Be Continue