I'm probably won't stick with it cuz of the lazyness but i got time now so there...


Alcohol, The Place To Be

Well we was going out the other night, and as long as other people wants to get drunk, i know how to make them sorry for letting me getting them drunk.

It's not that i can't get drunk, i can it's just takes time, money and a lot alcohol, so i just drink a beer or two. Just for the taste. Need to have it.

So after a night for alcohol the morning comes with the hangover, the vomiting and sometimes even the alcohol poisoning. And you found you're self with the head ache of your life and most of the day you spend with your head in the toilet.
Not very fun. This is the price you have to pay for drinking too much.

There are stories about thing that can help you with that. None of which really works, but still you'll try what you can.

We'll start with the night before. All know that you need to eat so you won't get drunk. Well it's like that, if you eat fat, it just the alcohol get absorbed slower, which mean you'll drink much more, and it will drop on you once the body finish with the fat.
So while you eating stuff at pubs like olives and nuts, you should know it's just so you'll drink more.

During you could drink water, but it has little effect on the level of alcohol in the blood. All it does is neutralize the bad taste of alcohol.
Contrary to what you might have heard, drinking variety of drinks doesn't make it harder, it just make you drink more in general.

About the day after, when you wish you didn't drink that much last night, that's the time to try things.
Nothing will lover the level of alcohol in the blood but time, so all things just help pass the time till than.
Coffee. All it does is just make you feel more alive, remove the down alcohol gives, and some times make the pain get less painful.
Cold Shower. Beside the fact the hot shower is better, it just make the body feel refresh and clean.Well it is a shower after all.
Egg Nog. Only because it have protein. Which is good for the body. That's it.
If you
throwing up, at least make sure to eat something so you'll have something to vomit.

The most impotent thing to do is to eat a balanced meal with lot's of protein and fat before you go drinking. Make sure you won't suffer for lack of vitamin B1.
And not let peer pressure get to you.


So How Do Friends Becomes, Well, Friends?

So i was thinking to myself those past few days about friends.
I don't mean about guy and girl friendship that could or couldn't end in marriage.
What I'm talking about is how people all around become friends. This friendship thingy.
The thing is that, you interact with people all your life. In school, at work, army even, parties and so on.
You hanging with people all the time, and most of the time when you leave, it's all over.
They are just friends to the circumstance. They are friends as long as you and them are in the same place.
Mostly it's in the work place. You have colleague, you hang with them, you go to office parties, you go drinking together. Stuff like that.
Then you leave, or somebody else leave, and that was it. You don't talk anymore.
You don't call them, they don't call you. They were friends as long as you were together.
But that's it, all is over. It's not like if you'll see them around you won't say hi and ask how are things, it's just you won't do things together like before.
Every once in a while you talk to somebody, even once, and the next thing you know is that you doing stuff even if you're not in the same framework.
It just happen. You had other "friends", but you kept in touch with the other one.
You used to be a group of people, but now only one or tow left. Everybody go their separate way, but one or two, just hang in that thing call friendship.
All I'm saying is that you don't choose your friends. It's just something that happen.

Can't really explain that. There isn't something constant or fixed, just one of those things.
You could have everything in common or just one.
You could known each other long time or brief moment.
But you couldn't be in a feud or in love (although some could, but that's because they have mental issues).

You have friends, some are great, some are less. But they are still your friends.
And you just don't have any idea why them and not others.

So what's a better thing to do than invite all and do a party. :)


Giggle Loop

Its like a feedback loop. You're somewhere quiet. There's people.
Its a solemn occasion - say, a wedding. No - it's a minutes silence for someone who's died.
The minute is ticking away... tick tock tick tock... and suddenly this thought pops into your head - The worst thing you can do in a minute silence is laugh.
And you almost do, as an automatic reaction.
But then, you think how awful it would have been if you HAD laughed, and you almost laugh again, only its a bigger laugh.
But, then you think how funny it would have been if you'd laughed that bigger laugh, but this time the laugh is an enormous laugh.
Let this one out and you get whiplash!
So you're standing there, in this quiet room, shoulders going like you're drilling the road, and what do you think of the situation?
Dear Christ! You think its funny!

From the most hilarious TV series:
Couplings (the British ver.)

There are few series that are truly funny.
No matter how many time you'll watch them, you will always laugh.
Couplings & Off Centre are the top 2 in my book.
Can't tell you which one is more funny.
But it's a must see TV, and by that i mean you'll need to d/l them from somewhere.
So enjoy, and don't come back till you know them by heart.