I'm probably won't stick with it cuz of the lazyness but i got time now so there...


Guess i was wrong

So it took me about a year and half to find out that i can't really do it.
I was wrong, only others can do it.

It's not that i don't want, but who the fuck got the time to write about stuff?
I'm too busy trying to enjoy life. Or at least waste them with alcohol.

The other thing is that i don't really have things to write about.
Maybe i do, but i don't think they will interest other people.
So i just don't write them.
That and the fact that I'm lazy, and this blog mess with my me time.

I love me time, it's the time of the day in which i do nothing.
Just cause i can, and want to.
It's not that i do stuff at other times, but still.

So i might be back, but i wouldn't count on it.


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