I'm probably won't stick with it cuz of the lazyness but i got time now so there...


Ohana & A.J.

People all over the world, join us.
Become fans of the two most amazing friend i got.


You know you want too.
You can't help it.

Join us and together they will rule the world, or at least the fun part of it all.


Guess i was wrong

So it took me about a year and half to find out that i can't really do it.
I was wrong, only others can do it.

It's not that i don't want, but who the fuck got the time to write about stuff?
I'm too busy trying to enjoy life. Or at least waste them with alcohol.

The other thing is that i don't really have things to write about.
Maybe i do, but i don't think they will interest other people.
So i just don't write them.
That and the fact that I'm lazy, and this blog mess with my me time.

I love me time, it's the time of the day in which i do nothing.
Just cause i can, and want to.
It's not that i do stuff at other times, but still.

So i might be back, but i wouldn't count on it.


Rubber Duckies

This is the Duckies family.

Papa duckie - the big blue one - Head of the family.
He was a huge extra in movies like 007: you only duck twice and duckies are forever, Star Wars: Attack of the Rubber Ducks, and much more.

Duck-Mommy - the big red one - The woman behind the man behind the woman.
She was a international river swimmer. Won twice the national races. Came only second in one race. Didn't compete in the second cause she was pregnant with the her first child.

Extremie - the one on the left (with the white) - the older son.
Gave new meaning to the word extreme. Crazy as hell. Started very young.
From Rafting without a raft to base jumping into stormy rivers and being Homer Simpson's race duck (in the episode Bart's two mommies). He has seen it all and done it all.
Now he is in bandage as a resulte of an accident.

Sunny - the yellow with the colored shirt - the younger son.
Was an accountant. A very good one. Went on a business trip to Hawaii fell in love and got married.

Duckina - the yellow with the luau - Sunny's wife and a Hawaiian native.
Born and raised in Hawaii. Profesional hula dancer. Also do hip-hop, belly dancing and samba.
After giving birth to her twins, she opened a dancing studio.

The Twins - little blue and yellow - a boy and a girl.
Born not long ago. Still too young to do something with their life, they just chill and stuff.


Addicted to Facebook

This started like most things starts...
Somebody told me about it, i was bored as hell...
You know the rest.

It got some much stupid and silly stuff in it, you just can't help it.
Somebody bite you so you become a werewolf or a vampire or zombie, and you stupid enough to accept. The next thing you know is that you start to send it to others.
And then you all fight each other.
This aggression will not stand.

The worse thing about it, is that you keep adding "friends" from high school, college or old work places.
Those are people that you stopped talking with them for a reason, cause if not you probably still be friends now days.
But it start with few real friends and it goes down from there.
With million of questions to see if people are more or less like you, and the difference between all of you.
Lot's of silly things like poke others or grow something in an egg.
And even the phone game, it doesn't really work if you see what the other person wrote.

I'm one of those who are addicted, i know.
Nothing much i can do about it.
Maybe find a new life, mine is too boring.
Guess studying, working and going out every night isn't enough.
Not even a girlfriend helps, cause she's also addicted.
That's why i need to go abroad.

Any suggestions?

P.S. hit HERE for a song about facebook


It's Not That I'm Against Gays...

It just that i have one big problem.

How i met your mother - one of the funniest series in the last year.
I really like it, it's good. Very good.
But, and it's a big but...

Neil Patrick Harris.
He's a good actor.
From Doogie Howser and Spider-Man: The New Animated Series to Undercover Brother and Harold & Kumar, he really knows to play.
Now playing Barney in How I Met Your Mother.

There he plays this amazing, fun loving, some might say sexy womanizer.
With his suits, money and "healthy" way of life.
By healthy i mean one night stands, drinking scotch, laser tag, and the uses of words "awesome" and "legendary" frequently.

So my problem in all this is that he is gay.
I don't mean i have problem with him being gay.
I have problem with a gay guy playing this amazing character.
He is a role model to most people even if they don't know it yet.
So how can he be this gay?