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Rubber Duckies

This is the Duckies family.

Papa duckie - the big blue one - Head of the family.
He was a huge extra in movies like 007: you only duck twice and duckies are forever, Star Wars: Attack of the Rubber Ducks, and much more.

Duck-Mommy - the big red one - The woman behind the man behind the woman.
She was a international river swimmer. Won twice the national races. Came only second in one race. Didn't compete in the second cause she was pregnant with the her first child.

Extremie - the one on the left (with the white) - the older son.
Gave new meaning to the word extreme. Crazy as hell. Started very young.
From Rafting without a raft to base jumping into stormy rivers and being Homer Simpson's race duck (in the episode Bart's two mommies). He has seen it all and done it all.
Now he is in bandage as a resulte of an accident.

Sunny - the yellow with the colored shirt - the younger son.
Was an accountant. A very good one. Went on a business trip to Hawaii fell in love and got married.

Duckina - the yellow with the luau - Sunny's wife and a Hawaiian native.
Born and raised in Hawaii. Profesional hula dancer. Also do hip-hop, belly dancing and samba.
After giving birth to her twins, she opened a dancing studio.

The Twins - little blue and yellow - a boy and a girl.
Born not long ago. Still too young to do something with their life, they just chill and stuff.