I'm probably won't stick with it cuz of the lazyness but i got time now so there...


The Rule Of Sy

So everyone got his rules and beliefs.
It's not that I'm saying they you're wrong or that those things isn't the right way to act.
All that I'm saying is that i got only one rule. It's not the solution for everything.
But i think it's the only thing you really need. Everything else just do as you go.

The rule:
Never turn back.

Lets say that you left home and you know you forgot something. I say you can do without it.
Just forget it till you get back, but don't turn back and go get it.
You can't look back at what was, always move forward.

There's a reason why you did what you did. Don't turn back to fix it.
Next time you can mend it, but not this time.
Everything can be solved, only in the future.

Try it. What do you go to lose.


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