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Based on a true story

It was her birthday. Little did she know it's going to be a sucky week.

We stated talking about her doing 2 parties. One for her good friends (myself included), and the other for people from work at a pub another friend just opened.
She started talking about her ex-boyfriend. Something about he'll come (since he still works there), and about her not ableing to talk with him anymore.
I talked with other girl from work and she said that he sometimes whine about how everybody talks with her and not him.
That's when i suggested we get them back together and that nobody will talk to them anymore.

First mistake: i told her about that.
Second mistake: i told her i'll try to make them talk the next day at the new pub.
Third mistake: she listen.

The next day (second party) at the pub. She got a little tipsy. He came late.
I was busy doing the nothing i love so much to do.
The eve passed quite quietly. Little did I know what was coming.

So we go to the car and started going home.
A friend of mine was driving.
She started to cry. A lot.
Blaming me for getting her hopes back up, making her thinking about him again and about them getting back together.

I take full responsibility.

Than she told two of her closest friends.
They all hate me know.
After that she told me i need to fix this, i said i will but i didn't see a way .
So i talked to some friends that told me it's all her fault, that she's acting like a little girl.

What to do, what to do i asked myself.
I didn't want to tell her that, she'd die.
I can't have people die right now, I'm busy.

So i told her that I'm in love with her, and that I'm jealous.
This is why i felt the need to make her suffer.
She said she's sorry that she doesn't feel that way.

Now I'm taking some time off from her, with the possibility of not talking to her ever again.

Will this be a good thing?
Only time will tell.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

jeeees man!
she's a fucking idiet!

27/11/07 13:38


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