I'm probably won't stick with it cuz of the lazyness but i got time now so there...


How I Almost Died/Made Some Chick Get Killed

It was the early morning of April 19th. We were having a party for me, cause i left the work place for good. It's a standard to do a party when someone is quitting. We don't like that job much.

So it around 3 in the morning of Thursday, when we all got out of the pub and haded home.
We parked close so my brother, his friend and myself got to the car. I was driving.

At the end of the one way street there's a traffic light and a car was there before me.

It was red, so all was fine. Than it turned green but the car before me didn't start driving.
Of course i flicker with the lights, but still they didn't drive. That's when i turned into severe measures. I honked.
That's when they decided to move (slowly i might add). At that time a taxi came from the right and was driving strait in a red light.
The cab hit the front of the car before me. Not something serious. but it cost some damage.
Nobody got hurt. The taxi ran away. And i just sat in my car in shock.

That's what ran throw my mind that moment:
1. If the car before me start to drive in time, that taxi might hit me and i wouldn't be around to tell about it.
2. If they started to go when i flickered the light or drive faster when i honked they wouldn't be alive right now.
3. Could this be my fault since i made them start driving?

That's when a chick came out of the driver sit. They were 5 in the car. And that's was an expensive ride (thank god of parents with money, eh?).
We drove next to them to see if they are all fine. Sure they was, and act nasty. But that's another story.

My bro said that this was the most fun he had in weeks.
I thought he might be right. It's mostly the taxi's fault, but even if you have green light you need to look sideways, so it's partly the driver's fault.

She was probably high (alcohol or drugs), but that made her sober again.

That wasn't the first time it happened, nor the last.
And most definitely not the first time i saw that in my own eyes.
I never start driving without checking both sides twice.
People are stupid, and i still like to live.


Me Against Prison Break

Like most people already know, the second season just ended in the beginning of April.

Now i won't say that series sucked, because most people I've talked to said they couldn't stop watching it.
It doesn't mean it's good. Oz was good. Prison break was nice. That's it.

Yes i know, Scofield is hot. Some girls started to watch it because of him, but continue because it's good.

I've been watching all the 2 seasons in about a week and half. And all i have to say is that there are too many twists, and sometimes i even knew their text before they say it.

Prison break isn't a bad series. I will say it again. But it's just ain't that good.

The fact that the killed lots of people gave them credit in my book.
I'm all in for the kill. That part was good.

Some even compare it to Oz. Now why you wanna go and do such a stupid move.
If you're stupid just don't say anything, but this is borderline with blaspheme (well not really, but i just wanted to say it).

I'm waiting for the third season like the next guy. But to say i can't wait, that's too much. There are other much better series that i want to watch much more.

Got me only one really big problem. Haywire.
He was great. I loved how he played the insane person.
That was good acting. But why go and letting him die?
I mean the character had so much potential. Damn it.

The ending of the second season was also good. It gave so much possibilities for the next one. And i know some people didn't like it.
But i just hope it will be better than the last two, cause although they was OK, it could have been much much better.