I'm probably won't stick with it cuz of the lazyness but i got time now so there...


Meteor Shower

They said on the news that there's going to be a meteor shower during the night.
And it shell really start from midnight, and picks up till early morning.
So we got the drinking, just to get in the mode.

At about 2:00 a.m., we decided it's time to go a look for a place far from the city.
Somewhere we could get good view and that lights from around won't get in the way.
We found a place.

There were some couples there. Few came in groups of 3.
We got there, found a spot to sit at, and looked up.
It was a clear sky. We could see the starts. But no showers yet.
The occasion shooting star, but that we could see any giving day.

After few minuts everything gone wrong.
Clouds came.
Than there where no more starts.
No sky was in sight.
Just Clouds.
Lot and lots of them.
And they didn't have any shape. They just filled the sky.

We sat there for about an hour, just to find out it will lead no where.
Damn clouds.

At least i had some alcohol...


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