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A Night Out

A girl from my college got married and she asked me and couple of more girls and a guy to come to her wedding.
We can't say no to weddings. You know. We love to see people get married.
Females loves to cry since they aren't the one that gets married.
And us male think we might get lucky with one of those mentioned above.

One of the girls suggested that she'll drive. I didn't say no, cuz i wanted to drink.
We got to the place. About hour and half driving.
The first thing i did, after say hi to the bride and groom, was get liqueured up.
Lots of whiskey, some tequila and other stuff i didn't even asked what it was.
But it had nice colors, so i didn't really care.
Besides that, i eat like crazy. Mostly meet and other stuff like sweets.

After about 5 hours there, the girls i came with wanted to go.
I didn't mind, i was tipsy and i had enough.
Now i remember everything that happened in the wedding. And i remember we went down the road out.
But i Don't remember the rest.
Not Getting out. Not getting in the car. Not driving home. Nothing.
The next thing i know is that i'm in an hospital.
I had flashed so me trowing up in the car, and that the girl that didn't drive yelled at me. But i don't remember most of it.
It's not fun getting at 4:30 in the morning, alone, in an different city.

Now i'm used to get by alone even abroad, so in my own county it easier.
But the thing i don't get if why the girls left me alone.
Needless to point that i'm not talking to them anymore.
I got home in the end, everything was fine.

The one thing i learn from that is:
When you get drunk, make sure that the people you're with will take care of you.

Most people can't drink after a day like that.
Well at least couple of days if not more.
It took me less than 48 hours to get tipsy again.
Could it be that i'm a bit alcoholic?
No, right?
That's what i thought.

Well till the next time i'll get drunk like that ....


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